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Here’s why you need your V5C if you want to sell your car


Looking to sell your car but not sure if your lack of a V5C will hold you back? It might do, especially if you want to sell the right way with Big Wants Your Car. If you are selling with us, you will need your V5C. Read on to find out how to get a new V5C and sell your car the best way.

Key Takeaways

Is it recommended to sell your car without a V5C?

It really isn’t advised.The lack of a V5C will probably raise suspicion and put off potential buyers, especially if they are a car buying/selling business. It suggests that your car has been written off in the past, or that you are in a hurry to sell the car for sketchy reasons. Basically, it just doesn’t set up a sale very well.

What’s more, a buyer is more likely to haggle a price down more than normal, so you could end up losing out on the expected car valuation.

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How do I get a new V5C?

You can apply for your new logbook online, it is very straightforward. Simply head over to the government website – click here to get started. The government service only costs £25. You can also apply by phone if you prefer, but you must be the registered keeper and no details about your vehicle must have been changed.


Ready to sell your car with your brand new V5C?

The best way to sell your car is with a VC5. The team at BigWantsYouCar are passionate about making selling as easy as possible, so make sure to enter your reg to get a rapid valuation and start your selling process!

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